Just Follow Me

Published by Pen-L Publishing, December 2014

Early December, 1980. Angela Girardi, a nineteen-year-old college student, travels to Manhattan to seek out John Lennon and hand-deliver her mother’s unopened suicide note, which had been mysteriously addressed to the ex-Beatle. Angela wants to honor her mother and accomplish this last task for her; only then will Angela allow herself to grieve and move on with her life, In her quest to find Lennon, though, she discovers herself, as circumstances on the night of December 8th change the course of her life forever.



Into the Sunset

Published June 2007

Wayne Benson doesn’t require nursing care. He’s not a senior citizen. He isn’t even retired. But this healthy 30-year-old bachelor believes the comfortable life of The Sunset, an assisted-living retirement community, would be a soothing alternative to his hectic lifestyle. Everything he desires—gourmet meals, laundry services, camaraderie, tranquility—is available for one all-inclusive monthly fee. The only problem? He isn’t the required minimum age of sixty-two. So, he dons theatrical make-up and grey wig to age himself forty years and is accepted into The Sunset.

Will everything go as smoothly as planned? Of course not! His elderly love interest becomes suspicious of his under-cover-of-darkness-only lovemaking, his neighbor wants to go to strip clubs and experiment with Viagra®, the head of security is more interested in extortion than security, and the woman who runs The Sunset may be onto his scheme. Will Wayne survive old age?




Sudden Flash Youth

Published by Persea, December 2011

My short story, “The Stoop,” is included. Other authors include Alice Walker and Dave Eggers.



The Ampersand vol. 4

Published November 2009

My short story, “In the Basement,” is included.



The Westchester Review 2013 & 2014

Published October 2012, January 2014

My short stories, “The Old Man and the C,” and “Tramp” are included.




Letters Home: A Soldier’s Correspondence During WWII

“As you know, I am on my way to an unknown destination. It was something that has been expected so please don’t take it too hard. I’m being a good soldier and I expect all of you to be good soldiers.”

December 1942. The world is at war, and a twenty year-old welder from Mt. Vernon, New York gets the call to serve his country. Three weeks after receiving his draft notice he is inducted, and begins a journey that takes him to the other side of the world. He is sent to the China-Burma-India theater (CBI) to help in the construction of the Ledo-Burma Road, a crucial supply route to China. Share in his journey with the postcards, letters, telegrams and photographs he sent home to his family.

Note: I wrote the Foreword and designed the book.